Monday, July 15

progress :: vol II

Hi :)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I didn't do anything exciting... Honestly, I rarely really ever do anything exciting, but if I do, you'll be the first to know about it! lol I mostly read and crocheted, so the usual :)

Anywho, in Friday's post, I shared my weekend goals/plans, so I thought I'd show you my progress:

Read some more Harry Potter:
 I'm happy to report that this goal is being completed successfully (*knocks on wood*). I'm on page 107 of 309 in the first book! 6 more books to go!!

Work on my mom's scarf:
I am sad to report that this did not happen...

And John's Beanie is still waiting to be finished.
(Anyone else put they're WIPs in Ziplock bags?)

However, I was busy doing some very exciting bloggy things for you guys so it was a good trade-off (in my eyes lol).

Take pictures for upcoming tutorials:

I did get some pictures taken... But I cant show you yet ;)

Have a lovely Monday! See you tomorrow :)

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  1. The little crochet looks exciting

    1. I am very excited for what's to come :) If you come back tomorrow, you'll find out more!

  2. Yayyy you're almost done with one book!! :3
    I haven't thought about putting WIP's in ziplock baggies! That is the best idea ever.

    1. I'm so excited! I probably would have been a lot farther in the book if my son wasn't asking for something every 5 minutes lol

      :) I just put my projects in ziplock bags because a lot of the time when I start something, I put it down and don't pick it back up again for a while. I just don't want it to get dusty or dirty. I learned the hard way... My son spilled my cup of iced tea one time on a white hat I was working on and I couldn't save it in time. Luckily for me though, it was a practice project :P


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