Friday, July 5

weekend plans :: 7/6 - 7/7


I hope you all had a great holiday :)

If you're still partying, I hope your hangover isn't too horrible haha!

We didn't do much this 4th of July... Just hung out at home and stayed cool indoors.

Since this is my first week in the blogosphere, there is still a lot about me you don't know yet. One of those things is that I am a chronic list maker. I have a HORRIBLE memory, so everything gets written down.

I'm always making a list for groceries, bills, books I want to read, books I've read, movies we have (400+!), movies we want to see, when movies come out in theater/on dvd, etc... And, of course, the classic 'To Do' lists.

This weekend we don't have much planned, so I've made a list of things I need to get done or get started on:

1. Start a 'Blogging' notebook- I've seen other bloggers talk about and show these on their blogs... I'm not a perfectionist, but I do want this blog to be presentable, so I need to get things organized and set up a regular post schedule.

  2. Start John's beanie - I've been procrastinating a lot on things I've told people I would make (my 'Projects to Make' list), so I'm going to get started on my cousin's beanie that I promised a while back.

  3. Finish mom's scarf - Again, I've procrastinated way too much on a lot of projects, so I want to try and get this finished before my mom's birthday on the 20th of this month.

Not a huge list, but it's a start :)

Do you have anything exciting planned for this weekend?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I'm like that too - I need to write things down so I don't forget. We're having a nice, quiet, stay at home weekend. I hope you have a nice weekend. :)

  2. If I don't write anything down, I will literally forget it 3 seconds later... So frustrating! lol I used to have a great memory, then it went to crap when I got pregnant and I don't think it ever recovered haha

    Sounds nice and relaxing... Those are the best kind of weekends! Thanks :)

  3. I'm a list maker too.
    Enjoy your crafting time

    1. I'd be lost without my lists!

      Thank you :)


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