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crochet 101 :: chain stitch

Crochet 101 is a series of crochet tutorials where I will teach you how to complete the basic stitches needed to crochet.

Hi :) 

Welcome back to another Crochet 101!

Now that we know how to make a slip knot, let's move on to lesson 2:
There are several essential stitches that a beginner crocheter must be familiar with. The chain stitch is the first of these.
Most crochet projects begin with chain stitches. Chain stitches typically form the foundation that the rest of the project is built upon.

Let's get started!
You will need:

In this post, I show you where to look for what type of hook you will need for your yarn.

Step 1:
 Make your slip knot.

Step 2:
Wrap the working yarn behind the hook...

 ...and over the top of the hook towards you. This is called a yarn over.

Step 3:
 With the hand that is holding the working yarn, grab the yarn tail with your thumb and pointer finger and hold it so the slip knot will stay still on your hook.  In other words, switch from holding the yarn tail with your 'hook' hand to your 'working yarn' hand.

Step 4:
 Using your hook, start to pull the yarn over through the slip knot (or loop) on your hook.

Continue bringing the yarn over through the loop with your hook...

 ...until your hook is completely through the loop. You have now made 1 chain stitch.

 Yarn over hook.

 Pull yarn through the loop...

...until your hook is completely through. You now have made 2 chain stitches.

Keep repeating steps 2-4 until you have the amount of chains needed for your pattern.
The picture above shows 11 chains.

Below is a video I made to show these steps in action. I have slowed the video down so that every step is seen. I have also added music to the video because I filmed this video with my phone and I have no idea how to mute the background while recording. Feel free to mute if piano is not your thing lol

Thanks for stopping by for today's lesson :) We will pick back up with Crochet 101 next Tuesday.

Keep practicing what we've learned so far and I'll see you tomorrow for regular scheduled posting!

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