Thursday, October 31

happy halloween!

Hi :)

Just wanted to drop in to tell you all Happy Halloween!
I hope you enjoy your night and if you are taking your little one(s) out for trick-or-treating (not so fun as an adult as it was when I was a child), be safe!!

See you tomorrow!!
(Hopefully I won't have sore teeth and a be in a chocolate coma...)

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Tuesday, October 29

halloween roundup :: drinks

Hi :)

Last week, I shared a couple of Halloween roundups with you: sweet treats and appetizers.
Today I'm back with another roundup for some Halloween themed drinks!

Firstly, let's start with some kid-friendly drinks:

1. Blue Slime
Blue Slime Sipper (Kid's Halloween Favorite)
Made with Jell-O to give it the slimy texture.

2. Spooky Vanilla Shake

Looks and sounds yummy!
You can even separate the shake into 3 equal parts and die one portion yellow, one portion orange, and leave one portion white and make this 'Candy Corn' milkshake.

3. Swamp Juice

4. Cemetery Slime Punch

5. Ghoulish Punch
Ghoulish Punch recipe

There are some more kid friendly drinks here as well.

Next, some great looking adult drinks:

1. Bloody Shirley Temple
halloween drink shirley temple
Ok, so this doesn't have alcohol in it, but I am a 'not so strong' kind of alcohol drink drinker, so I've had these before with some vodka. Bam! Alcoholic Shirley Temple.

2. Spooky Halloween Spirits
This link will take you to the recipes of all 3 drinks that you see in the picture above.
In the small glass is called: Ghost in the Graveyard
In the tall glass is called: Screwed-Up Screwdriver
And in the martini glass is called: Berry Scary Martini

I've never heard of black vodka before, but it definitely makes these drinks more interesting.

3. Creepy Cocktail
Creepy Cocktail

4. Bleeding Heart Martini
Bleeding Heart Martini
Looks interesting. But not as interesting as...

5. Brain Hemorage

Now this looks gross enough for an adult Halloween party.

I hope you decide to make some of these drinks for your party :)

See you tomorrow!!

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Monday, October 28

monday, funday :: vol 7

 photo mondayfunday_zps3d2b177e.jpg

Hi :)

This week's Monday, Funday is a cute crochet wreath project!


Just in time for Halloween, but can be left up until Thanksgiving as well.

Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me has a ton of great crochet patterns, as well as recipes and crafts. You should check out her space!

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Friday, October 25

progress :: vol 11

Hi :)

It's been a while since my last WIP/progress update so I thought I'd share a little bit of what I've been doing lately.


I'm still reading the 3rd book in the Harry Potter series. I'm on page 183 of 435. I would probably be farther along in the book if I wasn't so occupied with my yarny crafting :)
Either way, I'm so happy that I'm sticking to this reading goal :) I'm really enjoying it and I'm going to make a list (at some point) of books that I have that I want to start reading.


I started the KAL that I mentioned here (and also here).
Here is my progress on that (via Instagram):

[Up close of the stitches; 5 repeats in.]

I started it October 1st and I've done 8 of the 4 row repeats. I'm really enjoying this pattern. It's nice and relaxing to work on and I really love the color.


I finally finished minion! Poor guy was lying around for quite a while haha
 [In progress.]
 [Almost finished! Just needs the symbol on the overalls.]
[Up close of his face :)]

My aunt was pretty happy with him too :)
[Love you aunt Gwen!!]

She had me take a picture with him before he went home with her:
[We match!]

She sent me this picture of him to share with you guys as well:
He was a lot of work and a lot of making it up as I go (and HELL on my finger tips), but definitely worth it in the end. Now my son wants one lol

What projects are you working on?
Send me pictures here or leave a link to your blog! I'd love to see :)

Have a great weekend, friend! See you Monday!! 

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Thursday, October 24

halloween roundup :: appetizers/snacks

Hi :)

On Tuesday, I shared some yummy Halloween sweets that would be great for a Halloween party.
Today I'm sharing some Halloween appetizers and snacks.

1. Eyeball Sub
Eyeball Sub

2. Cheddar Witches Fingers
Cheddar Witch's Fingers Recipe

3. Mummy Dogs

4. Guacamole

This isn't a recipe, but the serving suggestion is brilliant for a Halloween party.

5. Spooky Spider Eggs
spooky spider eggs

I hope you enjoyed this roundup. Your Halloween party will be just that more amazing with these additions :)

Come back next Tuesday for some Halloween drink ideas!

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Tuesday, October 22

halloween roundup :: sweet treats

Hi :)

Since Halloween is next week, I thought I would share some sweets yummies I found on Pinterest that would be great for a Halloween party.

1. Halloween Krispy Pops

2. Easy Pumpkin Pretzels
Pretzel Pumpkins
I am a sucker for chocolate covered pretzels.

3. Candy Bones
Fun "candy bone" snack for kids

4. Candy Corn Cookies
Make Jenna's candy corn cookie recipe
These look pretty complicated, but it's just a plain sugar cookie dough that is separated and colored with food coloring. Easy peasy.

5. Mummy Cookie Bites

I think it would be safe to keep these away from me... I would eat them all. Seriously.

And that's it! 5 yummy Halloween treats to make and share with your kiddos, co-workers, family, and friends.

Come back Thursday for another Halloween food roundup!

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Monday, October 21

monday, funday :: vol 6

 photo mondayfunday_zps3d2b177e.jpg

Hi :)

Today's project is a super simple, super adorable DIY:
Decorate for Halloween with this adorable Yarn Pumpkin Garland from @Haeley Donovan Giambalvo / Design Improvised!

How stinkin' cute are those?!! Definately going to making a few of these ;)

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Friday, October 18

lust list :: vol 8

 photo LustListHeader_zps80cbcc64.png

Hi :)

Since the weather seems to be staying nice and cool, I thought I'd share some sweaters that I'm lusting for:

I sure would love to cozy up into one of these beauties, especially the last sweater ;)

This weekend I will be doing the usual; reading, crocheting, and knitting. Maybe some Harry Potter watching ;)
This weather is perfect for all those things!

What are your weekend plans?

See you Monday!!

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