Tuesday, October 29

halloween roundup :: drinks

Hi :)

Last week, I shared a couple of Halloween roundups with you: sweet treats and appetizers.
Today I'm back with another roundup for some Halloween themed drinks!

Firstly, let's start with some kid-friendly drinks:

1. Blue Slime
Blue Slime Sipper (Kid's Halloween Favorite)
Made with Jell-O to give it the slimy texture.

2. Spooky Vanilla Shake

Looks and sounds yummy!
You can even separate the shake into 3 equal parts and die one portion yellow, one portion orange, and leave one portion white and make this 'Candy Corn' milkshake.

3. Swamp Juice

4. Cemetery Slime Punch

5. Ghoulish Punch
Ghoulish Punch recipe

There are some more kid friendly drinks here as well.

Next, some great looking adult drinks:

1. Bloody Shirley Temple
halloween drink shirley temple
Ok, so this doesn't have alcohol in it, but I am a 'not so strong' kind of alcohol drink drinker, so I've had these before with some vodka. Bam! Alcoholic Shirley Temple.

2. Spooky Halloween Spirits
This link will take you to the recipes of all 3 drinks that you see in the picture above.
In the small glass is called: Ghost in the Graveyard
In the tall glass is called: Screwed-Up Screwdriver
And in the martini glass is called: Berry Scary Martini

I've never heard of black vodka before, but it definitely makes these drinks more interesting.

3. Creepy Cocktail
Creepy Cocktail

4. Bleeding Heart Martini
Bleeding Heart Martini
Looks interesting. But not as interesting as...

5. Brain Hemorage

Now this looks gross enough for an adult Halloween party.

I hope you decide to make some of these drinks for your party :)

See you tomorrow!!

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