Tuesday, December 29

Ravelry TGIF Secret Santa Swap

Hi :)

I made my first official YouTube video!!!!

I participated in the Ravelry group TGIF (Thank God It's Finished)'s Secret Santa Swap for the second year in a row! It was so much fun last year, and this year was just as exciting!

Here is what I received from my Santa!
Please check it out :)

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Thursday, September 3

long time, no post! and a challenge!

Hi :)

I know it's been a looooooong time since I last posted... Not too much of anything going on really. Just busy with my son being in school and working overnight. I haven't even really had time to sit down and crochet or knit! *GASP*! I know, so sad :'(

The reason I am posting today is because I have decided to join the Zing Anything 30 day challenge! Now, you can either join the 30 day weight loss challenge, or the 30 day skin care challenge, which is the one I have chosen to participate in.


-Click the challenge you choose to participate in (linked above) and fill out the information needed and submit.

For both challenges:
-You will need to post a promotional image:

Participate in the CLEAR SKIN CHALLENGE

Participate in the WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE

 For weight loss challenge:
-Post a before picture with hashtags:
#lemonwaterroutine #lemonweightloss #zinganything #beforelemon

-Post everyday for 30 days of the lemon water you are drinking for the day with the hashtags:
#lemonwaterroutine #lemonweightloss #zinganything

-Post an after picture with hashtags:
#lemonwaterroutine #lemonweightloss #zinganything #afterlemon

For skin care challenge:
-Post a before picture of your face (no makeup) with hashtags:
#lemonwaterroutine #lemonclearskin #zinganything #beforelemon

-Post a picture every day for 30 days of the lemon water you are drinking for the day with the hashtags:
#lemonwaterroutine #lemonclearskin #zinganything

-Post an after picture of your face with hashtags:
#lemonwaterroutine #lemonclearskin #zinganything #afterlemon

For both challenges:

-Send an email to: social[at]zinganything[dot]com (With the @ and . where brackets are placed) to let them know you have completed your 30 days.
-Fill out a final questionnaire about your experience and the changes in your skin.


Now, of course there are rules, which are posted at the bottom of the page of the information form you will fill out for your challenge, along with all the info I have provided in this post.

AND if you successfully complete your 30 days, Zing Anything will send you your choice of Zinger bottle* from their website, and you will be featured in their national Lemon Water Routine campaign!

So excited to share this opportunity with you all! I do hope you will join me :)

I will be posting my daily progress on Facebook and Instagram, so if you'd like to keep up, check there!

Here is my before
(No makeup, as required. Please be kind!)

I will post my after when the 30 days is up, as well as a side by side comparison.

Here's to challenging ourselves! And to better skin and healthier bodies!

Until next time my friend,

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*The Zing 54 is not included in the free bottle offer.

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