Tuesday, July 2

a little cheering up

Hi :)

I hope your week is going well. Are you staying cool?

This heat is really bumming me out... So what do I do to feel better? Well, besides looking at pictures of yarn, (seriously, I could do that all day), I visit one of my many favorite Tumblr blogs: Des Hommes et des Chatons. It brings two of some of the cutest things together: kittens and gorgeous men! 

Here are a few of my favorite posts...


You gotta love a kitty that likes to read.

Kitty hoodie!

Love me some Johnny! ;)

That kitty just cracks me up!

Because I love him too.

...and 1 more for good measure


I hope that made your day a little better :)

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  1. All I can say is they must be very placid cats, mine wouldn't do any of those! Johnny Depp......mmmmmm nice lol

    1. Neither would mine! Haha

      I LOOOOOVE Johnny :)


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