Tuesday, July 16

new series :: crochet 101

Hi :)

I am so excited to have you! Today I am introducing a new series called:

Crochet 101 will be a 3-part series of crochet tutorials where I will teach you how to complete the basic stitches needed to crochet.

In this series we will learn how to:

*Make a Slip Knot*
*Chain Stitch*
*Slip Stitch*
*Single Crochet*
*Half Double Crochet*
*Double Crochet*
*Treble/Triple Crochet*
*Crochet in the Back Loop*
*Crochet in the Front Loop*
*Switch Colors*
*Weave in Ends*
*Begin Crochet in the Round*

After we have learned how to do these basics, we will then learn how to:

*Read Yarn Labels*
*Read a Written Pattern*

Then we will use our newly mastered skills to practice with a basic project:

*How to Make a Basic Granny Square*

In the future I plan on showing you how to do other stitches and techniques, but as a beginner series, this will get you started. If there is something you want to learn that is not in the list above, please let me know!!

I also wanted to add that these tutorials will be in U.S. terms (more on that later), shown with right handed directions (if I can figure out how to make the directions for left handers, I will add it at a later time), and very picture heavy. I am a visual learner, so I want to make everything as detailed as I can with the pictures, as well as the description, and include short videos to show the step by step in action. 

This is my first time making tutorials so I would love your feedback!! Don't be afraid to tell me the truth, just please don't be hateful with comments... We're all learning here! :)

After every tutorial lesson, I will link the post in the "Crochet 101" tab at the top of the page for easy finding.

If everything goes as planned, we will be busy with this series every Tuesday and Wednesday (and a couple of Thursdays) up to October!! So get your hooks and yarn ready and I will see you back here tomorrow for our first lesson!

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  1. Wonderful! I can't wait! Ely

  2. Sounds like a great idea for new crocheters. Good luck. :)

    1. Thanks Debi :)

      If there is anything you think I should add or fix on any of my tutorial posts coming up, please let me know. I admire your work, so help from you would be awesome!

  3. This looks great, and for the lefties (actually for everyone) I highly recommend the book "I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting: Updated Edition" It covers all the basics you mentioned except the magic loop and it's heavy on pictures and they're edited so the part you're supposed to see is photoshopped into a different color. I ended up buying it because my nephew (who lived with me at the time) thinks all laptops/computers/tablets/smartphones exist solely so he can watch "Melmo!" and I needed something I could reference without dealing with the melt down, but it was seriously a great investment. I'm a few years in and I'll still whip it out to double check something.

    1. Thank you for your recommendation! It's always better to have a back up! You never know how long things will be available on the internet haha


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