Wednesday, July 10

lust list :: vol I

Hi :)

I am on the internet a lot and I come across some really great things that I would love to own (we'll call it "computer screen shopping"). I've decided to share some of these things with you and call it my "Lust List".

In my last post, I mentioned my obsession with Harry Potter. So I've decided to share a list of Harry Potter finds that I am currently lusting over, in case you or someone you know is also obsessed. Your welcome.

These shirts from Look Human on Storenvy


This sweater from waycooltshirts on Etsy
TriWizard Tournament Harry Potter Woman's Maniac SWEATSHIRT - Blue Flame of the Goblet of Fire Spits Out Harry Potter's Name

This coffee mug/tea cup cozy from Knotwork Shop on Etsy.
Coffee Mug Tea Cup Cozy Accio Brain red yellow crochet cover
I should probably request for one to say, "accio crochet hook" as well.

This reusable cold up from Royal T Designs on Etsy

This phone case from merchandiseshop on Luulla
For the Galaxy SIII, but they also have cases for the iPhone available.

and this tote bag from TeeSeaSon on Etsy
Hogwarts Alumni Bag Harry Potter Bag Movie Bag Text Bag Big Bag Canvas Tote Bag Diaper Bag Shopping Bag Cream Bag

I could lust over Harry Potter items all day!

Do you have any Harry Potter items that you're currently lusting?

Have a good day!

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