Thursday, August 1

playing catch up

Hi :)

I've been feeling so behind on my blog reading lately! I go to blogloving to get caught up and there's like 200+ posts I haven't read yet... Yikes! Slowly getting through them all this morning/today though. I just can't stay away! haha

Here are some recent favorite posts from a few of my blog favorites:

I've mentioned the Des Hommes et des Chatons tumbler before... There will be many shared posts from them in the future because, well I love kitties and the pairings that they do just make me smile :)

I love Alisa's art work. Both she and her husband are so so talented and they both have such different artistic styles. Their daughter is quite the little artist as well ;) I just love when she shows peaks into her sketchbook... They're all so colorful and inspiring.

(via)                                                                             (via)
I love when Kaylah posts her weekly nail posts. I wish my nails could look this fabulous... My polish always chips after day 1 from washing dishes and whatnot lol

maybe YOU look cute today
Sarah posted this the other day, and I have to say that I can relate to this comic strip as well. I am horrible at receiving compliments. I just don't know how to respond!

I love everything about this outfit!
And I love everything about this girl! [More on my love for her in another post;)]

I found this on Pinterest (not any of the blogs I follow), but since it has to do with Harry Potter and current events (and it's funny) I squeezed it in ;)

There's so many other good posts that I'm reading today, but if I posted them all, this post would be forever long! I'll most likely be sharing more of my favorite posts from other blogs again next week, so keep your eyes peeled for the greatness!!

Do you follow a lot of blogs?
Do you find yourself playing catch up too?

I hope you're having a great day :)

I'll see you back here tomorrow! Yay!

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  1. Hi Stephi. I follow a little over 100 blogs. I try to keep up and leave comments when I can. :)


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