Monday, August 19

progress :: vol 7

Hi :)

So this weekend was definitely a lot more eventful than last weekend!

I've had such an urge to want to knit and it's literally all I can think about!! I remember feeling this way before I learned how to crochet. I'm hoping that with a little practice, that I will be able to knit as well as I can crochet, otherwise the only thing I'll be knitting is basic knit scarves haha

I can't for the life of me find my knitting needles that I acquired while in high school :( However, I did find this kit in my bag of crochet books:
So I've been practicing a little bit with these needles until I can get to a craft store to stock up on knitting needles.
This is what I've knit up so far:
A little sample swatch of a color work pattern.
I have no idea what it's going to be or if it will ever be anything, but I'm loving the practice.

And I'm currently knitting this:
(close up of the stitch)
I think this will be a cup or mug cozy.
I love the colors! And it's scented, which was a total mistake lol I bought the skein because the colors reminded me of candy and I didn't even read that it was scented on the label (duh). Lesson learned!

No reading this weekend :(

I've also been working on project minion... This is his progress:
Still need to finish the overalls, make goggles, eyeballs, hair, arms, and legs. It will get finished though. I need to stop procrastinating! lol

Speaking of procrastination, which I am the Queen of, I still haven't worked on my mom's scarf.
*feels shame*
I hope I can get it done by Halloween so my mom can wear it when it starts to get cold around here. We shall see...

And I still haven't touched my loom knit scarf that I started. I hope to finish that before Christmas and either sell it or give it to someone for a present.

I was thinking of posting a list, or at least writing one down, of projects that people have asked for or I've said I would make them so that I can start making them and scratching them off the list. I really want need to work on my procrastination with my projects.

How was your weekend?
Do you have an ever-growing list of projects too?

Come back tomorrow for another crochet lesson!!

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  1. Great knitting progress, the scented yarn is a spectacular colour.

    1. Thank you :) It reminds me of cotton candy or unicorns or something lol It smells sort of lavendery too.


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