Thursday, August 8

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Hi :)

I hope your week is going well.

Remember in this post I briefly mentioned my buddy, my pal, Allison
Well, I first came across her blog through Jennifer, who blogs over at Grits and Moxie, when she posted this feature sponsor post. I went to check out Allison's blog and it was love at first read. 

Allison is super funny (read this post and this post) and, through her writing, I could tell she was a 'tell it like it is' kind of girl. I like people like that. I left a couple of comments here and there on her blog before and once I started this blog I included the link in with a comment on one of her posts. I didn't think she would stop by, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to sneak it in.

She stopped by THAT DAY and emailed me THAT DAY.

I was so shocked/excited/surprised to see her name as a sender in my mailbox, I literally refreshed my browser page 3 times to make sure I wasn't seeing things. She said that she was grateful for my support of her blog and offered to advertise my blog button on her page to show her support. I felt like I was in a dream reading this.

I had wanted to make crochet and learning to crochet apart of this blog before I decided to make it official. After Allison posted her interest in learning to crochet, I told her that I was planning on doing a crochet 'how to' series and she thought it would be genius (and it is) for us to get together on the series. She will be learning to crochet through me! I'm so happy to be teaching someone to crochet, even if it is through a computer screen.

We talk through e mail and I follow her on every social media outlet I'm signed up for, and we've just bonded through all this correspondence. It feels great to have that support, especially from someone who I admire as a blogger and, now that I know her a little better, as a human being.

She has such a huge heart and is such a sweet, supportive person and I'm glad I left my blog link in a comment on her blog because I feel like this friendship is going to be a great lasting one :) I can't wait to meet her 'in real life' someday! haha

Stop by her blog today to learn a little more about me and see how she's doing with the Crochet 101 series.

See you tomorrow, friend!

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  1. I've met a few people in real life that I have come into contact through blogging, it's a great way to make new friends. Happy times ahead for you and Allison I hope.

  2. You are one of the kindest, truest friends I have met through this strange world of "social media". I know our friendship will endure, not only because we're pals but because it will take me an eternity to learn to crochet. Just kidding. LOVE YOU!!!


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