Thursday, August 22

lust list :: vol 6

Hi :)

Anyone who truly knows me, knows I have an obsession with leopard print. So today's lust list is inspired by this glorious print of the leopard.

Women's_20long_20leopard_20hooded_20zipper_20coat_20grey-0_original Fullscreen_20capture_2012222012_2041452_20pm.bmp_original
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This hooded zip up jacket looks so comfy! I would like one in either color... or both!!

This sweater is amazing.

I think I could rock this dress (the one on the right). Looks like it would be great at hiding tummy fluffiness :)

I love the color of the flower and this bow is just so cute!

I love this phone case! (and the colors totally match the bow)

I couldn't find any decent shoes or purses that I liked, go figure. I'll probably find them when I'm not looking haha

See you tomorrow friend!

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