Monday, August 12

progress :: vol 6

Hi :)

I hope you all had a great weekend.

Whatever you did, I'm sure it was a helluva lot more than what I did lol

I'm ashamed to say that no reading got done :( I'm finding it hard to split my time up between crocheting and reading and keeping a 4 year old entertained.

Anyhow, it will happen when time allows for it.

I finally watched the movie Pitch Perfect last night... It was nice to watch a movie that was funny throughout and not just in some places. Plus, hubby and I really like music. We were really bummed that The Sing-Off got cancelled, so we really liked this movie.

These are some of my favorite scenes:





Of course there are lots more that are my favorite, but these are the only ones I could find lol

Have you seen the movie?
Do you miss The Sing-Off too?
What did you do this weekend?
(sorry for all the questions!)

Don't forget to come by tomorrow for this week's crochet lesson: How to make a double crochet stitch!

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  1. I just finally watched Pitch Perfect a couple weeks ago, and it was probably my favorite non-book-based movie that has come out recently! I was laughing through the whole movie. I wish they had done the Sing Off.

    1. I laughed through the whole movie too :) I hope The Sing-Off comes back!


I'd love to know what you think :)

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