Friday, August 30

weekend plans :: 8/31-9/1

Hi :)

I cannot believe that it will already be September! Where the hell did August go?

I hope it starts to get colder soon... It's nice and chilly and perfect in the morning, but by noon, it's so hot and humid! This heat is really taking a toll on me. I really hate it.

Here's what I plan on doing this weekend:
Some of the things from last week's weekend plans made it on to this list because I didn't even get close to doing any of them haha Hopefully this weekend I will be able to cross everything off of this list!
I'll let you know on Monday how I did!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Everyone seems to be saying the days are whizzing along, we could all do with an extra day in e week! Hope you had some quality time this weekend.


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