Monday, December 23

monday, funday :: vol 15

Hi :)

Today's Monday, Funday is an easy project that you can work up for those last minute handmade gifts: Washcloths!

Here is a crochet version:

[4 patterns! (via)]

And here is a knit version:


I will have to give these a try :)

{...but I won't say for sure when because I don't want any of my family to read this and gifts to be spoiled hehe}

Happy last minute crafting!

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*{You can find this project and other Monday, Funday projects by clicking the 'Free' tab on the main blog page.}


  1. I like the knit ones! I want to make a bunch before I get my own place ��

    1. My great aunt always knits up a bunch and sends them out here for us :) It's a good in-between project and the cotton yarn is really affordable! I'd love to see pics if you make some :)


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