Thursday, December 19

if you're reading this...

Hi :)

So this post is sort of a bad news post...

If you're reading this post, then that means that my computer isn't back from the computer hospital yet and I am posting from my cell phone. This means there will be no posts until I have my computer back :'(

I have posts scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of next week already, but if you don't see any posts other than those in the next few days, then know that I have not forgotten about you!

I will be back as soon as my computer is home and working again.

In the meantime, however, you can keep up with what I'm doing on Facebook or Instagram, and you can always send me a message through the contact form (located in the ABOUT tab at the top of the main blog page).

Thank you for understanding!

{big hug little hug big kiss little kiss}

[↑ this might be funny
 to you if you recognize the Nacho Libre reference :)]

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