Monday, December 16

monday, funday :: vol 14

Hi :)

Today's project is one that I will be working up myself... Mitten ornaments!

Here is a crochet version:


And here is a knit version:
knit mittens

Have you ever crochet or knit Christmas ornaments?

I haven't, but I'm eager to make some of these... They're just so cute!

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*{You can find this project and other Monday, Funday projects by clicking the 'Free' tab on the main blog page.}


  1. Those are so adorable! Makes me want to knit..

    1. I haven't attempted mittens yet... I have plenty of crochet hooks, but only 3 pairs of needles so I need to start a collection so I can start making things in the round!

      I might start a beginners knitting series on here soon. Since I am still a beginner myself, I want to make sure I practice a bit more before I share. I learned from YouTube... Very Pink Knits and iknits channels are great for beginners :)


I'd love to know what you think :)

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