Monday, December 9

monday, funday :: vol 13

Hi :)

This week's project is: Christmas lights!!

Here is the knit version:
Knitted Christmas Lights 6

And here is the crochet version:


These would be great decorations for the holiday! Also a good way to use up scraps and make room for new yarn!
And they don't require electricity and can't be broken ;)

Also, is anyone else excited that The Sing-Off is going to be on tonight?!!
Send me a message or write on my Facebook page and we can talk about it LOL!! :)

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*{You can find this project and other Monday, Funday projects by clicking the 'Free' tab on the main blog page.}


  1. Replies
    1. I first found the crochet version, but since I started knitting, I've found the knitted version. I thought these would be great for like a craft booth decoration or for a fireplace mantel or something :)


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