Monday, September 9

monday, funday

Hi :)

I hope you had a great weekend!

It's starting to get hot around here again :( BUT, I am getting things crossed off my mental 'to-do'
 list so I am a happy gal. {Pictures to come! I don't want to spoil surprises :p}

Since today's post won't really be a progress post, I thought I'd share a very easy, beginner type of crochet project for those of you that are itching to start making something (other than the granny square).

How awesome are these headband/turban/ear warmers?

Stephanie, from All About Ami, has a lot of great free patterns, but I thought this was a great starting project for the newbies :)
Not only does she have a totally amazing name, her Tumblr is inspiring and her little one is so cute!

I also wanted to share that I am listed in her 'Crochet Blog Directory'!
How exciting is that?! There are tons of blogs listed so I suggest you go check them out! Get inspired! Crochet is a wonderful thing :)

See you back here tomorrow for our crochet lesson!

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