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crochet 101 :: switching colors part II

Crochet 101 is a series of crochet tutorials where I will teach you how to complete the basic stitches needed to crochet.

Hi :) 

Yesterday we learned how to switch colors at the end of a row of crochet.

Today's lesson is:

This tutorial will teach you how to change colors in the middle of a row of crochet.

*This tutorial assumes that you know how to: double crochet and have some practice with switching colors.
If you do not know any of these, please click the links and they will take you to that tutorial.
Let's get started!
You will need:

In this post, I show you where to look for what type of hook you will need for your yarn.
Step 1:
Start by crocheting up to the stitch before you want to change colors.
I have a row of 10 double crochets, so I am stopping after the 4th double crochet in this row.

Step 2:
 Yarn over.

Step 3:
 Insert your hook into the next stitch and yarn over.

Step 4:
 Pull the yarn through.

Step 5:
 Yarn over.

Step 6:
 Pull through 2 loops. 2 loop remain on the hook.

Step 7:
 Just like I mentioned in the first part of switching colors, measure about 3 inches of your working yarn and cut.

Step 8:
 Now lay the new yarn over your hook.

Step 9:
 Secure the yarn over the hook with your pointer finger.

Step 10:
 Move the tail and working yarn to the back of your work and hold them securely to your work so they don't get loose.

Step 11:
 Pull the new yarn through the last 2 loops on the hook.

you have completed a color switch mid row!

Continue on with the rest of the row...
 Yarn over.

 Insert hook into the next stitch and yarn over.

 Pull the yarn through.

 Yarn over.

 Pull through 2 loops. 2 loops remaining on the hook.

 Yarn over.

 Pull through the last 2 loops on the hook.
You have completed the first stitch of the new color after your mid row color change!

Continue across to the end of the row...
 This is what the front of your work will look like.

This is what the back of your work will look like.
You can see the tail where we cut our old color (blue) and the tail where we added our new color (purple) in the middle. All of those strings (tails) will be hidden later. We will learn how to hide them in our 'Fasten Off' and 'Weave in Ends' Lesson.

Below is a video I made to show these steps in action. I have slowed the video down so that every step is seen. I have also added music to the video because I filmed this video with my phone and I have no idea how to mute the background while recording. Feel free to mute if piano is not your thing lol

In this week's lessons, I've shown you how to switch colors in crochet using the double crochet. I've also shown how to switch colors at the end of your row, as well as the middle of the row. Ultimately, the instructions for switching colors in crochet are the same and can be used for any crochet stitch anywhere in the row (or round if you're making a hat).
*Just remember:
Make the stitch as you normally would until the last 2 loops of the stitch are left remaining on your hook. Drop the yarn you are working with and add the new yarn by laying it over the top of your hook. Then pull the new yarn through the last 2 loops on the hook and your color change will be completed.

If you want to practice switching colors in crochet with another stitch and the explanation in this tutorial is too confusing, please let me know! I will do whatever I can to help you out.

That's it for this week's Crochet 101 lessons!

Come back tomorrow for a regularly scheduled post :)

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