Friday, January 3

presents :: revealed!

Hi :)

It's finally time to share what presents I made!

I found this pattern for knitted mini Christmas stockings on Pinterest and thought that this would be a great, quick something to knit up for everyone while using what yarn I have.

I had to make 14 of them (yes, 14) and I wanted them to all be different and special to the person that was receiving it so some of the patterns are from the original charts in the pattern and most are from my head.
(I'm working on setting up the charts so that I can share them.)

Here they are!

If you want to see more info on this project, you can check out the information I've listed on my Ravelry projects page.

I also made a few more things, but haven't been able to give them to their new owners yet so I'll have to share those with you another time. (Along with a possible free pattern by me!)

It's nice to be able to make something from the heart for people you care about, so it only seemed right to make things for Christmas this year. I'm just happy that I got them all finished in time! LOL

Did you make many presents this year?
I'd love to see!

Have a great weekend, and I will see you Monday, friend :)

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