Friday, January 17

new series: favorites :: earth wool & fire

Hi :)

I'm starting another series here on the blog, and I'm going to simply title it:

In these posts, I'll share people, blogs, shops, etc., that I have found and want to share some of their awesomeness. This isn't really a new thing on the blog (see here), but now it will be it's own series and possibly more frequent here.

For our first 'Favorites' post, I will be sharing this AH-MAZING shop:


I came across them while exploring on Instagram and I am so happy that I have found them! Their most popular item is their yarn bowls, and I can see why! Their work is jaw droppingly beautiful and I can not wait until the day comes when I am able to own one of their masterpieces.

[You can learn more about them here]

I love that they share videos as well as concepts for future bowl ideas, like this one:

Here are some of my favorite yarn bowls:

The skull

The dragon in a cave

The cottage by the water

The elephant

The peacock

Aren't they gorgeous?!

They make basic yarn bowl designs too, as well as mugs, and tea pots... Whatever you want!

You can  contact them through their email at: earthwoolfire[at]ymail[dot]com 
*(use @ and . where you see [ ])

and you can follow them at any of the links below:


{You'll be glad you did! ;)}

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  1. Wow - those yarn bowls are pretty nice. :)

    1. I was in love the moment I saw their bowls lol I need to save so I can get my hands on one of these beauties!


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