Tuesday, November 5

new series :: polished

Hi :)

Today I'm introducing another series I'll be calling:

I love nail polish and I am obsessed with looking at nail art on Pinterest and from other bloggers [see here and here], so I thought that I would have posts dedicated to this love of mine with links to nail art tutorials and pictures of designs to inspire you.

This week's theme is: Leopard Print

I came across this website [Pack A Punch Polish] on Pinterest and I was excited from the first glance.
Most of Samantha's designs are inspired by outfits or an item of clothing she has. If I had the time and polish, I would totally be doing this as well lol

On her blog, she not only pictures her designs, but she also has video tutorials that show you how to re-create the design yourself.
So, I'll be posting a lot of her designs in this series :)

She also has a YouTube channel if you want to check out some of her other designs and videos.

That's all for today. I hope you give this design a try. Let me know if you have any designs worth sharing :)
See you back here tomorrow!

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  1. Nice idea Stephie - I enjoy looking at nail art too. :)

    1. Thank you! Honestly though, what girl doesn't? ;) haha


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