Friday, November 29

black friday

Hi :)

How was your Thanksgiving?

Mine was great! I ate so much though... like always haha I tend to over eat at this time of year because, well I wait all year to eat all these yummy things and I just get over excited about it and start shoveling the food in. Anyone else have that same problem?

Anyone doing Black Friday shopping today?

One of these years I will partake in the Black Friday madness, but for today, I'll be snuggling under some covers with a book, maybe some hot chocolate drinking, and a nap. I think my hands and wrists need a day of rest from all of the knitting and crocheting that's been going on here.
{Can't wait to share!!!}

I found this while perusing Pinterest the other day and I thought I'd share with all you brave Black Friday shoppers out there:
Black Friday Survival Guide!
Good luck!

Have a great day and enjoy your weekend!!

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