Thursday, November 14

monday, funday (on a thursday) :: vol 9

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{...on a Thursday.}

Hi :)

This week I'm sharing another cute garland:

Fall Lace Garland

These lacy motifs are great and work up in no time :)

Lisa (from goodknits) has included both written instructions and a pattern diagram, so if you know how to read a diagram better than a written pattern, you can definitely work this pattern.

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  1. Pretty pineapple garland - thanks for sharing the link. :)

  2. It looks so delicate and cute. Wish I new how to crochet.

    1. I learned how to crochet through YouTube videos! I also have some tutorials here on the blog... They're in the 'Crochet 101' tab if you're interested :)

      P.S. I am totally fan-girling at the fact that you read a post on my blog and commented :D


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