Friday, April 4

do you ever...

Hi :)

Do you ever catch someone or people staring at you? And they either play it off like they weren't staring when you look at them or they keep staring?

Well, I saw this GIF and it totally reminded me of the face I make when I'm super irritated and people seem to just keep staring:


It looks a little crazy with Bellatrix doing it, but I'm sure I look pretty coo-coo when I do it too lol But sometimes people are just so rude and you have to just be like, "BOO!! Wtf is your problem?!"

Ever get that mad/irritated like this?

Sometimes I'd just rather be home and not deal with people haha

Have a great Friday and weekend. Hope this gave you a little smile :)


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  1. I get irritated when people stand too close to me in a check out line. :)

    1. Oh my goodness I hate that too!! Sometimes I back up and step on their toes lol :)


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