Friday, March 28

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Hi :)

Today I am sharing one of my favorite bloggers and artists: Rachele Cateyes
{a.k.a. Nearsighted Owl}


Ever since I found out about the world of blogging, this woman has been an everyday read of mine. I love her writing. She makes me feel like I could take down anyone who thinks it's ok to try and get me down, and I love her for that :)

She recently started selling some of her artwork on Etsy in her shop: Fat Babe Designs.

You guys, these portraits are the most amazing thing I've laid eyes on.

Here are some of my favorite portraits that she has done:

Rachele's self-portrait

Of course, my buddy Allison :)

Jessica of the blog Femme Fraiche

Rachel of the blog My Own Story

I mean, common! Aren't these just AMAZING?!!!

Not only can you get yourself a portrait, you can get your portrait on stickers or greeting cards HERE!!!


And right now Rachele is having a moving sale!


From now until April 30th, use the code: MOVINGSALE on your Etsy purchase, and get your portrait for $15!

Be sure and stop by to support this amazing woman and amazing artist :)

You can find Rachele here:


Have a great Friday and a great weekend!
See you back here on Monday :)


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