Friday, June 28

that awkward first post...

Hi there :)

So, the other day, a friend of mine sent me a comment on Instagram asking if I had a blog because she had just taken up knitting and crocheting and wanted to know if I had any tips for her.

That got me thinking...

I've thought of starting a blog for a while, but I feel like my life isn't as amazingly interesting as those of the fabulous women whose blogs I read daily. I don't have a fancy camera, or live in a photogenic area, or do anything overly exciting on a day to day basis. BUT I do love to craft, and I adore crochet, and I really want to try knitting again... And, of course, I love the internet.

So I thought, "Why not?" Someone will surely find my content interesting haha 

I'd like to say thank you for stopping by my little corner of the bloggosphere. I know there are a lot of great blogs out there (I read a lot of them) so it means a lot for you to stop by. 

I want this space to be a positive place for me to share my photos, crafting tips, favorite patterns, favorite recipes, internet finds, and a few life posts. 

I can't promise an everyday post, but I will try my best to keep things fresh around here.

If you have any content suggestions, let me know! 

If you have any questions, please ask!

Like I mentioned, I want this space to be positive. There's way too much negativity out there on the inter-webs and it really just isn't necessary. 

So, until next time,

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  1. Happy blogging, looking forward to reading your posts.


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